Harpune Verlag

Harpune Verlag, founded by Sarah Bogner and Josef Zekoff in Vienna in 2010, publishes exclusive artist's books in limited editions that bring together text and image. Harpune's program focuses on the creator as a solitary performer, magician, artist, and soliloquizing superhero before a changing audience.

Harpune Verlag has set sail with publications by Olaf Breuning, Hermann Burger, Andy Hope 1930, Schorsch Kamerun, Erich Lessing, Jonathan Meese, and Elfie Semotan. Parts of the production, such as hot metal and manual typesetting, are carried out in the typesetting and letterpress workshop Neue Satz Wien, a former print shop headed by Sarah Bogner since October 2011.
One long-term project is Harpune's new edition of Herman Melville's magnificent novel Moby Dick in the original English version: The 137 chapters are each illustrated by an artist and published non-chronologically as individual fillets in an edition of 460 copies. Forty copies each are produced as special editions.

Harpune Verlag regularly hosts exhibitions, readings, and events.