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Hermann Burger & Moussa Kone

Moussa Kone

is an artist whose practice defies easy categorization, whether working in media such as drawing and sculpture or collaborating on interdisciplinary projects with other artists. The work of the Vienna-based artist often questions processes of social conditioning as well as the conditions attendant to the production and reception of art, and, as here, the position of the artist toward his audience.

Hermann Burger

was one of the late 20th Century's most significant authors of German literature. In the course of his extremely meticulous research on Diabelli, Burger himself pledged the Magician's Oath; through the figure of the magician he often allows the reader to glimpse aspects of his own life: loneliness, a craving for recognition, and depression – but also a love for society's outcasts, whom he honors as outstanding personalities in his work. Hermann Burger died in February 1989 from an overdose of drugs.

About the book:

Hermann Burger's text is the mocking farewell monologue of sleight-of-hand artist and magician Grazio Diabelli, who in his pursuit of the illusionary arts has lost sight of his own self. Drawing the only possible conclusion from a life defined by legerdemain, magic and loneliness, he decides that his grand finale is to be the brilliant staging of his own disappearance.
Young Austrian artist Moussa Kone graces Hermann Burger's great illusionist with the Magician's Oath of the illustrator: Every movement of the hand is visible in the dense shading; hard contrasts lead the viewer into a universe of imagery suspended between exterior aspects and interior vistas, between real and imagined realities. In fifty assiduously parsed ink drawings, he provides an subtle stage and the ideal audience for this art book.

Hermann Burger / Moussa Kone

6.38 x 7.95 inches, 112 pages
50 drawings printed in letterpress, set in hot metal, thread-bound,
Letterpress dust jacket published in an edition of 250 numbered copies signed by the artist
Hand-colored special boxed edition of 26 copies with a paper "cootie catcher" fortune teller

ISBN 978-3-903348-00-4