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In the Evening I Was To Bear the Night

Schorsch Kamerun & Andy Hope 1930

Andy Hope 1930

indisputably one of the first artists of the 21st century in light of the early history of the universe, leaves in his wake a series of exhibitions that have blazed an unpredictable trail of construction throughout Europe and the U.S.; he himself sails to the various sites of his publishing and research activities in a replica of the Titanic.

Schorsch Kamerun

certified as one of the 14 best people, once, during a difficult phase, referred to himself as "Gerti, the burgundy-colored dessert plate from 1920s Berlin." This eventually became known within the literary scene, however, so that Kamerun was moved to obliterate all references to this ambiguity. Today, he sees things a bit differently... He therefore considers the text for the joint project with Andy Hope a first offensive reference to his upcoming caustic interventionist schemes.

About the book:

The Hamburg-based writer, director, club owner and lead singer of the band Die Goldenen Zitronen has written a fast-forward cut-up monologue for this book; Berlin-based artist Andy Hope 1930 has provided drawings and collages. Kamerun drifts in the glare of a BlackBerry, sold to him in order that he might calculate his own image of man. Between soldiers, junkies, lay actors and masquerades, he calculates an equilibrium of applause and fine dining. Hope mobilizes the eternal primeval jungle and the artifice of time, the skulls and burning shadows that skulk through the preconscious alongside our perception. Ed Wood, the Manson-beast, the "spirit of tradition," the tortoise Lonesome George, along with some entirely unsung superheroes of text and image inhabit this artist's book.

Schorsch Kamerun / Andy Hope 1930
In the Evening I Was To Bear the Night

6.1 x 9.25 inches, 64 pages, text in German and English
Hot metal type and 9 letterpress and 17 offset printed images,
with a letterpress printed slipcase, thread-bound, published in an edition of 350 copies

ISBN 978-3-903348-02-8

Special boxed edition of 26 copies with the drypoint Bat (after Leonardo) from the studio of Kurt Zein, numbered and signed


Special Edition: