Parsifal in Wienchen

Jonathan Meese

Jonathan Meese has staged the world premiere of Austrian composer Bernhard Lang's new interpretation of Richard Wagner's Parsifal at Wiener Festwochen and Berliner Festspiele 2017! Harpune has published on that occasion a grand Artist Book with woodcuts, collages and drawings! – MONDPARSIFAL !

Salvatore Viviano

The OWG Diary

If a gallery has a double bed instead of an office, you can bet there’s a diary under the pillow...

Please join Salvatore Viviano and Harpune Verlag for the grand presentation of the book and its special edition on November 23rd, 18:00 at Café Korb, Vienna !!!


André Butzer

New Artist Books!

Check out the incredible six new artist books, André Butzer published with Harpune in 2017: »BUTZER – Golden women after N?«, »Tous mes Adieux, alle meine Abschiede«, and four more great books!